Club Connections 

November 23 2022
Chair:Gay Morris
The Chair called people to order, introduced herself, and then made acknowledgement of Country
"I would like to respectfully acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land, which might be different depending on where you are connecting from today. For me, it is the Wurundjeri-Woiwurrung people of the Kulin nation. I pay my respects to their ancestors and elders, past, present and emerging, and any Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples with us here today."
President: Julian Badenach
Julian welcomed everyone in the room and on screen.  He then:
  • Talked about how much he had enjoyed attending the Box Hill Institute’s (BHI) Awards night recently.  He said it was really rewarding as a Rotarian to see the students receiving Awards (such as the RCBHC Indigenous Student of the Year award) funded by our Club and a number of other local Rotary Clubs; 
  • Reminded members again to book for the Club social dinner at Zest Restaurant on Tuesday 29 November;
  • Noted that he had recently talked to Alice Terrill, Co-President of the Whitehorse Rotaract Club.  Alice informed him that the $500 recently provided by the Club would help allay the costs of seven local Rotaractors who will be attending the 2023 D9810 District Conference in Canberra.
Secretory Notice and Other Notice:
Geoff Rose – The Club had received a thank you note from the East Gippsland Fire Relief Fund for a donation made by the Club a couple of years ago (ie. after the 2019/20 bushfires in East Gippsland). 
Tess Brooks – Reminded members that it is not too late to support the Satellite Club’s end of the year fundraiser, which is selling discount packs of Hoyts movie tickets. 
Bruce McEwen – Reported that the Operation Cleft (OCA) AGM had been held on 21 November 2022.  The key OCA office bearers elected/re-elected at the AGM are:
  • Bruce McEwen (Chair)
  • Kath Ronan (Vice-Chair)
  • Andy Shaw (Secretary)
  • David Routledge (Treasurer).
Bruce mentioned that Rosemary Castle (a Rotarian from the ACT) had been elected as a new committee member.  Rosemary has been a tireless interstate fundraiser for OCA for a number of years.  Bruce also reported the total number of surgeries completed for 2021-22 was 1,547.
RC Box Hill Central Annual General Meeting (AGM)
Please note that this is a Club Newsletter summary of the Club’s AGM; the minutes of the AGM are a separate record.
The AGM was convened by Geoff Rose with the following items of business:
  • Adoption of Resolution 1 – Revised Club Rules and Statement of Purposes
  • Adoption of Resolution 2 – Revised Club Bylaws
  • Acceptance of the Minutes of the previous AGM held on 10 November 2021
  • Adoption of the 2021/22 Annual Report
  • Approve the 2021/22 Annual Accounts
All the above items of business were adopted, accepted or approved.  The key office bearers for 2023/24 were then elected as follows:
  • Robyn Stokes (President Elect)
  • Geoff Rose (Secretary)
  • David Routledge (Treasurer).
At this point, the AGM was adjourned to a date to be advised, when the election of the remaining office bearers will be undertaken

Operation Toilets Australia Annual General Meeting (OTA AGM)

Please note that this is a Club Newsletter summary of the OTA AGM; the minutes of the OTA AGM are a separate record.
The OTA AGM was convened by OTA Chair Amanda Southwell.  Amanda gave a brief overview of OTA, noting that its focus had broadened over recent years from buildings and hardware to a greater emphasis on community development and behavioural change. Amanda also noted that total expenditure on OTA projects now totals approximately 1.22M AUD
Amanda then convened the OTA AGM with the following items of business:
  • Acceptance of the Minutes of the previous OTA AGM held on 17 November 2021
  • Adoption of the 2021/22 OTA Annual Report
  • Approve the 2021/22 OTA Annual Accounts
All the above items of business were accepted, adopted or approved.  The key OTA office bearers for 2022/23 are:
  • Amanda Southwell (Chair)
  • Malcolm Chiverton (Secretary)
  • David Routledge (Treasurer)
  • Andy Shaw (Project Manager)
The other OTA committee members for 2023/24 are: 
  • Jenny Coburn
  • Angela Magut
  • Don Sweeney
  • Mark Balla
  • Tony Stokes
Amanda thanked Brian Martin for the wonderful job he had had done as the previous OTA Chair, then closed the OTA AGM and handed over to Mark Balla to give an update on current OTA projects. 
Mark noted that the 1.22MAUD mentioned by Amanda represents total expenditure on projects over the last eight years.  Approximately 5% of that total has been donated by the Club; the rest has come from various sources outside our Club, notably the Rotary Foundation, other Rotary Clubs and Districts, as well as a broad range of individual corporate and education sector donors. The latest OTA news is that the newest Global Grant funded project with RC Nasik Road in India has finally been approved after more than two years of hard work and negotiations.  Total project funding is 92,000USD, monies have been transferred, and work is expected to begin within the next few weeks.  Mark also reported that money for the current Ethiopian project has been transferred after lengthy delays and is now with RC Addis Ababa; funds should be going to the contractors shortly.
Club Assembly
Update on the Environmental Sustainability Committee (ESC)
by ESC Chair, John Elrington
John gave a detailed overview of the projects and activities undertaken by the ESC since it was established in July 2020.  Current members are Liz Stinson, Ash Coleman-Bock, Stephen Mather, John Elrington, John Malvestuto and Malcolm Chiverton (Julian Badenach is on sabbatical during his Presidential year). At least three ESC members are also members of ESRAG (the Environmental Sustainability Rotary Action Group).  John reported that a number of planned activities and projects had to be abandoned or repeatedly postponed because of the pandemic, particularly during the first 18 months.  However, a number of initiatives, projects and activities have now been completed, are in progress, or are in the pipeline, including:
  • Developing an ESC Mission Statement, which includes a goal for the Club to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030; 
  • Conducting an online ES issues survey which has helped guide the committee’s focus over the last couple of years, particularly the preference that the ESC should focus on local projects;  
  • Part funding the development of a Rotary Club Emissions calculator tool by a NZ company, then carrying out an early trial of this tool. The trial included conducting another online survey on members’ modes of travel to and from Club meetings.  John noted that the ongoing practice of holding hybrid meetings since then will have had a positive impact on overall Club ‘travel to meetings’ emissions;  
  • Conducting a ‘Clean Up Australia’ type working bee along the Blackburn rail trail; this type of activity is expected to be repeated; 
  • Supporting the kitchen garden program at Blackburn Primary School. This ongoing involvement over recent years has culminated recently in the award of a District Grant to fund an intensive weed eradication program followed by the construction of six new raised wicking beds; 
  • Funding the purchase and installation of a new commercial grade seedling heat mat plus associated timers and watering system at the community run Bungalook Indigenous Plants Nursery.  Since installation, the new equipment has enabled the nursery volunteers to double their production of tubestock during cooler months;  
  • Supporting the Wattle Hill public housing community’s communal garden area by conducting four weeding, pruning and soil replacement working bees in 2022;
  • Developing a waste management and minimisation proposal for the Whitehorse Farmers Market (WFM).  This is an ongoing initiative which has to date involved input from, and discussions with, the Cluster Presidents, and implementation of new waste management arrangements for the Rotary managed Egg and Bacon Stall.  The next step will involve discussions with Council staff;
  • Applying for, and being granted, a D9810 Bronze level Enviro Club award in 2020, followed by a Silver level award in 2021; 
  • Sourcing a range of interesting and informative Club meeting guest speakers who have covered a very broad range of environmental topics including gardens for wildlife, energy efficient housing, industrial scale waste food composting, Melbourne urban ecology, an off shore wind farm project, and the Fitzroy community battery project; and 
  • Keeping Club members informed about ES developments via regular updates at weekly meetings and occasional articles or links to seminars and events in the Club Newsletter.
John then mentioned what activities the ESC intends to undertake going forward. He advised that the ESC will:
  • Conduct another environmental survey of Club and Satellite Club members during the next couple of weeks;
  • Reassess Club meeting emissions during the first quarter of 2023 using the Rotary Clubs Emissions Calculator tool;
  • Apply for a D9810 Gold level Enviro Club Award in early 2023;
  • Progress discussions with Whitehorse Council regarding waste minimisation at the Whitehorse Farmers Market;
  • Maintain long term collaborative engagement with Blackburn Primary School, Bungalook Nursery and the Wattle Hill public housing community;
  • Continue to be involved in local land regeneration projects;
  • Finalise a waste minimization policy for Club activities and events;
  • Support the establishment and ongoing operation of a Repair Café in the city of Whitehorse; 
  • Assess options for supporting environmental programs nationally and overseas; and  
  • Continue to source ES type guest speakers and to promote relevant articles, seminars and events in the Club Newsletters.
Questions and comments on the ESC presentation:
  • Brian McPhail asked for more detail about Repair Cafes.  John advised that Repair Cafes are run by community volunteers who have the skills to assist and advise people who want to repair, reuse or repurpose items rather than throwing them away.  On a recent visit to the busy Warrandyte Repair Café, Club members saw work stations dedicated to repairing clothes and textile items, mechanical items (including a clock repairer), electrical appliances, computers, book binding, and even a musical instrument repair stand. 
  • Robyn Stokes noted recent reports highlighting the growing need for financial assistance to poor nations which are battling environmental problems.  John agreed, and noted that one of the more positive outcomes of the recent COP27 conference was the agreement to develop a climate change ‘loss and damage’ fund. This fund will be used to compensate developing countries for the harm to the climate that has been caused primarily by the developed countries.
the Wattle Hill working bees 
Update on Guest Speaker wrangler role, Diane Fisher
Diane began by noting a couple of current suggestions from the ESC for upcoming guest speaker slots. She acknowledged the many suggestions for guest speakers made by ESC members and other Club members since she has taken over the role, and asked that members keep the ideas for guest speakers and/or topics coming; if members drop her a note with contact and other relevant details, she will then look to program that speaker in.
Comments on Diane’s update 
Julian noted that Geoff Rose’s previous work in setting up a guest speaker rostering spreadsheet on Google Sheets had significantly improved the functionality and accessibility of the guest speaker rostering role.  He went on to apologise for the slower than anticipated progress in changing the Club website over to one based on ClubRunner.  He also advised that the Club will be concurrently moving away from printed Club Handbooks.  Kath Ronan then suggested that an information session on how to use ClubRunner would be very useful for members.
Update on the Club’s Gender Equity Committee, Olive Aumann 
Olive reminded members of the launch of the Club’s Gender Equity program and the subsequent establishment of a Club Gender Equity committee.  She noted that progressing the aims of the committee has taken some time, but that the committee is now working on developing a framework for running a pilot program. Relevant staff from healthAbility will be assisting the committee members in this exercise.
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Year End Club Social Event BBQ Picnic at Blackburn Lake Sanctuary
6-8:30pm Wed Dec 14
BYO food, drinks, folding chair, happy spirit to celebrate the year that's gone and look forward to the Holiday ahead. 
Provided: BBQ, toilets, some bench seating (balmy summer evening, hopefully). 
Inquiries to Stephen Fisher: 0417 508 192 
Note: no morning meeting Dec 14, next meeting 7:30am Jan 18
Becoming a Centurion
November is Foundation Month. One way ALL Rotarians can make a contribution to the Rotary Foundation is by becoming a Centurion. All Rotarians and any non-Rotarian supporters of the Foundation are encouraged to become perpetual donors by participating in the Centurion program (AU$100 per year). Tax deductible donations may be made via the Australian Rotary Foundation Trust to support the ongoing humanitarian work of the Rotary Foundation. Approximately 50% of donated funds are returned to D9810 after a three-year investment cycle, to be used as project grant funding. 
For as little as AU$2 per week (less than ½ cup of coffee!), you can help make a difference in the world.
And if you think you would like to do more, you can become a Rotary Foundation Sustaining Member by donating US$100 (about AU $150) or more per year to the Annual Programs Fund.
Donations may be made annually or in smaller, regular payments through automatic bank transfer.  Donating is as simple as clicking on either Online Donations through ‘MyRotary’ Click Here for direct payment, or Centurion Contribution & Monthly Debit Click Here. Then select Annual Fund-SHARE.
RCBHC is currently lagging behind many other Clubs in D9810 in per capita Centurion membership. Let’s show that we are the leading club we know we are and sign up this month!
Satellite Club Movie Voucher Fundraiser
End of Year Fundraiser -  great for stocking stuffers, employee or teacher gifts etc 
We are selling packs of Hoyts movie tickets in the lead up to end of year celebrations as a way to raise funds for Children's Ground and other projects.
The options are:                     
A.   ADULT PACK 5 movie vouchers valid for general admission* sessions (value up to $110) for  $67.50
B. BARGAIN PACK 5 movie vouchers for any general admission* between Monday and Thursday (value upto $110) for $57
CHILDREN'S PACK (Age 3-15 years) 5 child movie vouchers for general admission* sessions (value up tp $80) for  $57
                           (*These tickets cannot be used on public holidays)
Bookings via:
Bookings close midday 2 December.
Amir Abdi 
This article is about an incredible man, Amir Abdi that our club supported for a Shine On award a few years ago.
Download Files
Shine On Nomination Form
Polio Movie Event - THE LOST KING.pdf
Our November Program 
- Coordinated by Diane Fisher
Our Rotary International calendar has dedicated themes to different months of the year – and November is The Rotary Foundation Our program in November looks at the links between the 7 areas of focus from the Foundation and the activities that are part of our community.
Wednesday November 2, 2022
We lead off with a wholistic view – with a snap shot of the planned District Conference, where we can anticipate that each area is touched upon.  Tina McInnerny will provide us with an overview of what we can expect from this annual event.  Key elements of this year’s event are not only that it is being held as an in person event, but it is the first time since 2011 that we have planned a conference outside Victoria.
Wednesday November 9, 2022
Louise Hardman is  a passionate environmental science educator – this program links to our focus areas of  Supporting the Environment and Community Economic Environment.  Louise started a social enterprise called Plastic Collective in an effort to stop plastics entering the ocean.  Her story may sound familiar – she was profiled on  ABC Moving to the Country in early 2022 and we are delighted she will address our club.
Wednesday November 16,  2022
Louisa Lam and Stephen Mather in conversation with Liz Stinso
Wednesday November 23, 2022
How do we (Rotary Club of Box Hill Cental) – meet the areas of focus?  And what else are we planning?  This week we will combine two important events in our annual calendar – the Annual General Meeting of our Club – and we will conduct a Club Assembly – to take stock of the plans and their implementation to date.
Wednesday November 30, 2022    Tuesday November 29, 2022
Changing our social calendar!  You’ll find the link in this edition of the newsletter – we will be taking the opportunity to attend the training restaurant at Holmesglen TAFE with what promises to be an excellent evening of fine dining.  If you have not yet visited one of Melbourne’s training restaurants, then this is your opportunity.  
Please make your booking and as this is a unique opportunity – extend the invitation to others you know to join us as we support the development of the future chefs of our city.
There is an open invitation to all readers of our newsletter to join us for any of these events, either in the room – we meet over breakfast, or on Zoom where it is BYO coffee.  
If you’d like to join us for one, or more, of these programs please contact Malcolm on 0417 355 592.
Who and What
Wednesday November 2
Tina McInnerny
Conference 2023 – Canberra “The Capital” Conference
Greg Cooper
John Elrington
Gary Lee
Lindsay McKay
Bernie Millane
Wednesday November 9
Louise Hardman
After witnessing a small green turtle die from plastic ingestion, Louise started a social-enterprise called Plastic Collective in 2016, in an effort to stop plastics entering the ocean. Her mission is to train communities to create value from waste and change attitudes that plastic is a resource not rubbish by demonstrating that our behaviours, not the plastics, are causing untold devastation for many many communities and wildlife.
Brian McPhail
John Elrington
Gary Lee
Lindsay McKay
Bernie Millane
Wednesday November 16
Louisa Lam and Stephen Mather in conversation with Liz Stinso
Christina Chia
John Elrington
Gary Lee
Lindsay McKay
Bernie Millane
Wednesday November 23
Club AGM
Club Assembly
A key event in every Rotary year is the reflection on the year past, election of the office bearers for the year ahead and the acceptance of the accounts.
We will also take the opportunity to conduct our Club Assembly as a check point as the progresses.
Gay Morris
John Elrington
Gary Lee
Lindsay McKay
Bernie Millane
Wednesday November 30
Tuesday November 29
Social Evening
Holmesglen TAFE training restaurant, dine with the chefs of the future.
John Elrington
Wednesday December 7
Allan Turner
Zaidee’s Foundation
Donations are valuable in every context, however the life changing, life giving value of organ and tissue donation is the focus of Zaidee Foundation.
Allan will join us, and the members of the Satellite Club – for this presentation
Wednesday December 14 
Social Evening
Plan here is to end the year with a relaxed BYO event – a Christmas picnic at Blackburn Lake.
Wednesday January 18, 2023
Our first meeting in the new calendar year.
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