The Project vision:
"To significantly increase the reach and impact of Rotary and Rotaract in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands". 
You may recall that in September, as a club we voted "yes" to the proposal for a pilot project to commence.  The pilot project is now underway with the next milestone, being the April Board meeting of the Board of Rotary International.  It is at that meeting that the proposed budget for the Pilot project will be assessed and approved (or not).
The pilot is planned to operate from July 2023 to June 2026 and will operate in parallel to our current operating structure which built around the concept of districts that are defined by geographical references.  The over arching goal of the project is to look at how we can make Rotary service to our communities easier, simpler and the governance and administrative detail more streamlined and less time consuming - in short, how to take us into the next 100 years of service to our communities.
One of the key questions is "Why have a Regional Pilot?"
The overarching aim is to provide better and more direct support to clubs through a less layered, but more effective and contemporary structure. The ideals of Rotary are to be retained with the focus remaining on the Clubs and their engagement with each other and their communities.
In addition to potentially saving members time and money, the new structure will foster more vibrant club environments and provide doable and attractive roles that are accessible to more potential Rotary leaders.
By streamlining our existing governance structure, we will:
  • Allow clubs sharing geography, culture and language to organise in ways that suit them.
  • Eliminate duplication and remove layers of hierarchy to make Rotary nimbler and more cost effective.
  • Bring together the best resources from across the region and make them easily accessible to every club.
  • Improve communication effectiveness in order to enhance club and member engagement.
  • Grow membership through new club types, flexibility, and partnership options reflecting our diversity.
  • Attract more community, corporate, and government sector support by communicating with one voice.
  • Enhance leadership and personal development activities to better suit our modern world.
  • Foster more diverse perspectives in decision making.
  • Reduce the burden of administrative responsibilities placed upon leaders
Each member can monitor the progress of this project as the project maintains a central web site, with a question and answer facility.  If you have a question, fill out the form and you will receive an answer.  Some of the most frequently asked questions are also published on the site.
We recommend you save the link to the Regionalisation Site and periodically check in to see what is happening.  You can also Subscribe to the site which means that as updates are posted to the site, you will receive a notification that there is new information to review.